Is Chip Kelly the guy to save Sam Bradford's career?

Take solace, dear fan, sometimes NFL executives do have the same response as you when transactions happen.

The latest evidence comes from NJ Advanced Media, who spoke with an anonymous NFL exec about the Philadelphia Eagles' trade for quarterback Sam Bradford:

"I understand they gave up on (Nick) Foles," the executive said. "But I don't know why they're building up Bradford so much. I'm still confused about that whole deal. You can only talk about him being the first pick of the draft (in 2010) for so long. What has he done since then?"

It's a question that's been pondered since Chip Kelly acquired Bradford, who is rehabbing from a second ACL tear. Bradford is expected to take part in training camp and should begin in pole position for the starting gig in a quarterback-proof offense.

Sifting through the bewilderment, the NFL executive then came to the rationalization: trust in Chip.

"If Bradford had gone anywhere else you wouldn't even be talking about him," he said. "He's been hurt the past two years and even when he was healthy, he was just average. But he's with Chip Kelly, so there's hope I guess. Chip Kelly is the one guy who can make Bradford a success."

And if Chip can't, Mark Sanchez is the fall back option.

"I mean you know what you're getting with Sanchez,'' the executive said. "He's certainly had higher highs in his career than Bradford has."

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