Is Carson Wentz a redhead? Our poll results will surprise you

Coworker against coworker; colleague versus colleague. Memes were deployed. It got ugly. Messages on Slack were sent that can never be taken back, like:

"He's strawberry blonde."
"Strawberries are RED."
"He's 100% ginger let's stop this silliness."
"The fact that this has to be a debate is INSANE. The sun lightened the redness. But it's still red."
"Can we all just be in agreement that the left photo is FULL BLONDE?"

To settle this, we took the question public with a poll on our Instagram story. Take a look at the results.

Obviously the vast majority of human people are reasonable and their retina cones are perceiving color correctly. What's concerning, however, is how many people voted NO. Over 2,000 people looked at that question and said, defiantly, "Nah." Who are these people and what's motivating this madness?

As we learned with our internal office debate, it could be anyone. There are people who believe Carson Wentz has non-red hair literally everywhere. They could be friends, loved ones, neighbors. Someone who sits at the desk next to you, or someone you idly chat with in the break room. Anyone. And if they're willing to believe Wentz has brown or blond hair, what other messed up things do they believe?

Because clearly, Carson Wentz has red hair and is possibly Prince Harry in disguise.

Unfortunately, there are some people who will simply never agree, no matter how much it tears us apart.

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