Is Ben Roethlisberger a must-start in Week 10?

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Marcas Grant: I know there's always a danger of chasing the fantasy points from week to week and it probably feels that way if you're plugging Ben Roethlisberger into your lineup for Week 10. But let's be honest ... Ben's been hotter than fish grease for the past two weeks. And he's playing the Jets and their woebegone secondary this week. Matthew Stafford will have Calvin Johnson back, but he'll also be dealing with a Dolphins defense that has registered two or more sacks in seven of its eight games this season. In this case, ride the hot hand and roll with Big Ben.

M.G.: This is a similar situation to the previous question, if not a little closer. Drew Brees at home is as close to a must-start as it comes even if the 49ers defense isn't the most accommodating for fantasy quarterbacks. But again ... it's about Benny and the Jets. Or Benny against the Jets. Whatever. You get the point. I think I'd have to side with Roethlisberger in a close one here.

M.G.: I can't fully speak to your mental stability, but any defects you might be suffering aren't based on your desire to start Mark Sanchez at quarterback. Chip Kelly has long said that he feels his offense can succeed regardless of who's under center. That looked to be the case last week when Sanchez took over for the injured Nick Foles. In terms of on-field ability, Sanchez is the better quarterback. And miss me with the "butt-fumble." It's an unfortunate (even if hilarious) footnote to his tenure with a bad offensive team. This Eagles team is better than anything Sanchez worked with while playing for the Jets. Oh, and he has a pretty sweet matchup against the Panthers this week.

M.G.: The Niners and Saints have played some entertaining and high-scoring games against each other in the past, but this 49ers offense is still trying to find its identity, just ask Frank Gore. On top of it, there are serious questions about San Francisco's offensive line after surrendering eight sacks to the Rams last week. There are certainly similar questions about the Falcons offensive line, but I'd feel a little more comfortable with Matt Ryan going up against the Buccaneers than Colin Kaepernick facing the Saints. Just don't expect another 56-14 pasting this week.

M.G.: Just when we all jumped on the Steve Smith, Sr. (is there a Steve Smith, Jr. in the league?) bandwagon he started to disappear. There are still chances for Triple-S to post quality fantasy totals -- including this week -- but his inconsistency concerns me. Conversely, Jeffery has been much more steady this season. The Bears wideout has scored double-digit fantasy points in five of his eight games this season. I'd rather try banking on that consistency instead of hoping for the home run. Jeffery gets the nod from me in Week 10.

M.G.: In a battle of No. 2 wideouts, Mohamed Sanu is the winner. First, he has a better matchup against the Browns ... especially because he's not the receiver that has to tangle with Joe Haden all night long. Second, Andy Dalton doesn't have tunnel vision for one receiver the way Stafford does with Calvin Johnson. Finally, the Dolphins secondary is absolutely nasty and has done a pretty good job of shutting down opposing receivers all season long. That makes me nervous about rolling with Tate this week.

M.G.: The shelf life for Carson Palmer as a starting fantasy quarterback is getting short, but this is one of the few remaining weeks he's viable. He's been good enough to be a bye-week replacement, but not quite good enough to be a weekly starter. Since there are six quarterbacks with the week off, here's a chance to get Palmer into your lineup. Romo has a fairly good matchup against Jacksonville this week in London, but do you really want the headache of monitoring his progress all the way until kickoff? I didn't think so.

M.G.: At this point, there's almost no price too steep to acquire Andrew Luck. He's been the best player in fantasy football all season and doesn't appear to be slowing down. In the meantime, Rivers had a major hiccup last week against the Dolphins and faces a pretty tough schedule the rest of the way. It's hard to give up a player as productive as Hillman -- especially at the running back position -- but you have to give up something in order to get something. Go ahead and make the deal.

M.G.: You sorta answered your own question with that last part, but I'll pile on. Yeah, man ... it's still Megatron. You can blame injuries for Calvin Johnson's lackluster 2014, but he says he's close to 100 percent which is very good news. As long as he is anywhere near full strength, you can expect he will see all kinds of targets, regardless of what the coverage looks like. Golden Tate's trade value is about as high as it's going to get. Now is the time to make a move.

M.G.: Definitely. He will take a backseat to Ryan Mathews once the incumbent starter returns, but Oliver is still expected to play the Danny Woodhead role in the offense. That means he'll still be on the field for third downs and have a chance to catch passes out of the backfield. Oliver isn't likely to post numbers like he did for a couple of weeks as the unchallenged starter, but his value won't drop to zero.

Bonus question:

M.G.: No. The trick is to be a homeless man and run into Jimmy Haslam.

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