Is Andy Reid to blame for Philadelphia Eagles' struggles?

Andy Reid was put on notice by owner Jeffrey Lurie that another 8-8 season was unacceptable. The Eagles are 3-3 and show no signs of improving. This could really be it for Reid.

What, you want me to defend a coach who had Michael Vick throw 56 times on opening day?

I don't want you do defend anything. To sample you, I'm "Just Sayin," this team isn't responding to Reid. Newer guys fumbling, not blocking, not tackling, blowing leads.

And back to the play calling. Shady McCoy gets 14 carries yesterday.

Right. That's another constant. I don't get it.

Get this: As easy as it to blame Reid, he's an offensive coach. Always has been. A lot of the culpability has to go to his defensive coordinator, Juan Castillo.

That's an easy out, but when the offense is turning the ball over as frequently as the Eagles, it puts the defense in bad spots. The defense has actually kept them in games.

Chief, the Dream Team defense hasn't had a sack in three weeks. Is that more on Reid or Castillo?

That's on Castillo, but don't get caught up in sacks. What's more critical is these cats are averaging 17.2 points per game. If the offense isn't scoring that puts incredible stress on the D.

Who's stressing the defense? Cullen Jenkins had 5.5 sack last year. Six games in, he's still on his donut. Trent Cole, 11 sacks last year. 1.5 this year.

Take all those numbers and let me get you these: All those sacks equaled 8-8. The reduced amount of sacks equal 3-3. The issues are plenty, the constant is Reid.

Just sayin': Jason Babin, 18 sacks last year. 2.5 this year. Overrate that. Goodnight.

Just sayin': Those numbers add up to .500. That doesn't add up well for Reid.

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