Instant Debate: Tips for picking a Championship Sunday receiver

Finding a consistent wide receiver for the Fantasy Playoff Challenge hasn't been an easy task. Hakeem Nicks has been the most productive so far, but faces a tough obstacle against San Francisco. Aside from looking for double or triple points, how do you pick a WR for this week -- and who are you targeting?

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  • Michael Fabiano
  • Riding with Nicks' hot hand

I started Wes Welker in the previous round, so clearly he's going to remain in my lineup. My second wideout will, in fact, be Nicks. He's been on an absolute tear during the postseason, posting a combined 13 catches for 280 yards and four touchdowns in wins over the Falcons and Packers. And while this week's matchup against the Niners is tough on paper, Drew Brees didn't have much trouble shredding them. I also think the Giants have just as good a shot as anyone to reach the Super Bowl at this point (oh, how that pains me as a Cowboys fan), and there aren't any other elite receivers still alive -- I still like Nicks better than teammate Victor Cruz.

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  • Elliot Harrison
  • Going with the sentimental pick

Both of my WRs are eliminated, so I'll be going with Wes Welker and Michael Crabtree. I think the 49ers can beat the Giants. Moreover, I want them to. So at this point, with so many of my guys eliminated, and my chances of winning the Fantasy Playoff Challenge slim, I'd rather dance with a guy that I can root for. Clearly, Crabtree is the third best receiver in the NFC Championship Game. But you have to differentiate yourself from the pack somewhere if you desire any chance of making up ground. There's always more reward in taking a risk. Oh, and need I explain the Welker selection?

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  • Adam Rank
  • Looking for big things from Big Blue

Well, I'm probably the wrong person to ask because I'll be getting triple points from Victor Cruz and double points from Hakeem Nicks this round because I've been all-in on the Giants from the start. One question for me is if it would be wise to trade in Cruz if I was only getting double the points, but it seems like too much of a risk. I wouldn't bother with Michael Crabtree, because we could be looking at a low-scoring game. Wes Welker would be the only other guy I would consider, but I'm going with the Giants and hoping for the best.

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  • Jason
  • Stay with the consistent point producers

If you're taking the double- and triple-point options out of things, that makes it easier to pick a wide receiver. Two teams are unreliable -- you have no idea how San Francisco and Baltimore are going to distribute the football amongst their wideouts. Can you really play either Torrey Smith or Anquan Boldin and expect production? Same goes for San Francisco. Is Michael Crabtree a worthwhile play? The answer is maybe to those players. So instead, you stick with who gives you the most potential for points: Wes Welker, Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz.

You know that no matter what happens in either conference championship, the likelihood is these WRs will shine. Are you nervous about Cruz and Nicks? Well, Drew Brees still had a pretty nice day through the air against that stout D, and Eli Manning is playing at the same kind of level Brees is. Go with the studs at this point to ensure points. (That actually sounds like a slogan of some kind. OK, maybe not.)

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  • Matt "Money"
  • Playing the odds and going with Crabtree

I've said it before and I'll keep repeating my Playoff Challenge mantra. I'm not interested in a good showing, I'm still trying to win this thing no matter how far behind I am. That means I need to take the players that as few of my colleagues have on their rosters. I get to keep Wes Welker but have to find a replacement for my Jordy Nelson selection. I'm going to try and play the low odds and take Michael Crabtree. He proved himself against the Saints, and I suspect he'll get some more work on Sunday since the G-men will have to make stopping Vernon Davis priority number one after the damage he did to New Orleans.

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  • NFL Staff
  • Trying to pick winners

The WR position has confounded us throughout the Fantasy Playoff Challenge since we've yet to get two standout performances in the same week. We started with Victor Cruz and even though he has yet to perform up to expectations, the Giants' march through the playoffs means weekly multipliers that are hard to turn down -- even if we believe Big Blue's run will end in San Francisco. As for our other choice, we're going with Wes Welker, because we're getting double points ... and because he's Wes Welker. Even without the multipliers, we'd run with Welker, although our second choice might be Michael Crabtree just for a shot at double points in the Super Bowl.

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