Instant Debate: How do you not pick Gronk?

Two weeks ago, we debated whether Jimmy Graham or Rob Gronkowski was the best choice at tight end for the Playoff Challenge. Now that Graham and the Saints are finished, is there any reason not to roll with Gronk?

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  • Michael Fabiano
  • Gronk is a scoring machine

I went with Graham for the first two rounds of the postseason, so I'm in the market for a tight end. And I ask you -- how can you not use Gronkowski at this point? I mean, he's having the best fantasy season of all time among tight ends. His numbers have been so ridiculous, in fact, that he could score as many fantasy points in one game as other tight ends do in three! I know the Ravens have a tough defense, but Gronkowski has been a matchup nightmare for everyone, and Baltimore won't have it any easier. I had five Saints in my lineup who are now all gone, which is going to make it tough for me to win the NFL Playoff Challenge. As a result, I'm going with the best players available at each position, and am looking to stockpile points. Gronkowski is that guy at tight end; no one else is even close.

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  • Elliot Harrison
  • Davis offers a chance to make up points

Yes. If one of your opponents has Gronk, and you are trying to catch him or her, I would roll with Vernon Davis. That way, you separate yourself from the pack somewhat. It's a risky play, but you have to find creative ways to make up points. With the 49ers playing at home, they have a good shot to advance, meaning Davis will earn you double points in Super Bowl XLVI.

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  • Jason
  • Davis is the best non-Gronk option

There's only one reason to take Vernon Davis or Aaron Hernandez over Gronkowski: If the people ahead of you in the standings have many of the same players you do, making it difficult to catch up in points. To give yourself a chance, take Hernandez or Davis and hope they take off -- and that Gronkowski goes quiet.

Of the two, I would roll with Davis. It was clear in the last round he's Alex Smith's No. 1 target in every pressure situation, and I like the 49ers' chances of beating the Giants this weekend. Hernandez could always surprise with a 100-yard, two-touchdown game, but it would be just that: a surprise. Gronkowski is going to get everything in this magical season. If you take Hernandez, you're hoping for production, but you can expect it with Davis.

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  • Matt "Money"
  • Going with Davis to gain ground

I'm going to ride with Vernon Davis. He's got the better defensive matchup, and I can't imagine too many people started him over Jimmy Graham or Gronk at the beginning of the playoffs, based on the fact that I'm not trailing anyone that's riding Davis' triple-point value. Anyone who picked Gronk -- which is to say, almost everyone -- is getting triple value for his points, making it hard to catch them without trying something different.

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  • NFL Staff
  • Take Gronk and hope for the best

It was a 50-50 choice between Gronk and Graham and we chose wrong, going with the Saints tight end. Chances are someone in your Playoff Challenge league is a proud member of Gronk Nation and is therefore getting triple points from him this week. That's exactly why we're picking him up. Since we're getting single points from whoever we select, there's no way we'll catch anyone, even if we go with Gronkowski. But we can at least take advantage of his production. He is the most consistent point-scorer at the position -- with a great chance at the Super Bowl, to boot -- and it's hard to make a case against him.

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