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Indianapolis Colts still in the lead for No. 1 pick


There are a lot of teams riding high right now after big Week 1 victories. Many of them have thoughts of being No. 1. But let's not overlook the losers from Sunday, though. They also have a shot at being No. 1.

The No. 1 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

With that in mind, here's a look at the bottom part of our power rankings, those going for a different No. 1, which many presume to be Matt Barkley (though some of these teams won't need a quarterback and will likely be trading this pick).

Others receiving votes: Oakland Raiders

And without further ado ...

The Bills announced themselves as a contender for No. 1 by allowing one of the worst offenses in the NFL to score 34 points on them. But the Bills weren't content to be miserable in just one aspect of the game; they were lousy on offense and special teams, too (where they surrendered another touchdown on a pick six and a punt return). If the Bills can pull off the miracle, Ryan Fitzpatrick could be the highest-paid backup.

In this race to be No. 1, it's the teams willing to put in the extra effort to lose that are going to go far. The Jaguars looked like they were going to win the game when Blaine Gabbert hooked up with Cecil Shorts (seriously) on a 39-yard touchdown pass. But the Jaguars' defense showed there wasn't a lead it can't squander as the Vikings tied it with a field goal at the end of regulation and won it in overtime.

As long as Brandon Weeden is the starting quarterback, the Browns will be in the hunt for No. 1. And the Browns seem committed to the goal because coach Pat Shurmer reiterated Monday, Weeden is the team's starting quarterback. Well, at least for this year. The Browns might have to draft a quarterback every season until they finally find one. They could get a chance in 2013. And now with Joe Haden's suspension, the team's one overwhelming strength can be suspect.

If Ryan Tannehill is morose about his first loss (of what is assumed to be many) in the NFL, at least he didn't get hung up in a flag like Weeden. Although the Browns did looked competitive (on defense) against the Eagles. The Dolphins were never in this game against the Texans and are clearly a "team to watch."

St. Louis challenged Detroit in Week 1 and even held a lead very late in the fourth quarter. But the Football Club of St. Louis showed nobody can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory quite like it can. I mean, it only figures as the Lions drove for the tying field goal, St. Louis allowed the winning touchdown. That's how you hold on to your No. 2 position. The dream of Matt Barkley being the quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams lives on.

The Colts looked competitive against the Bears, especially early when the defense harangued quarterback Jay Cutler, and forced him into an interception which was returned for an early touchdown. But the depth and skill of the Bears wore down the Colts, who still have to be considered the early leader for the No. 1 pick (which would turn into many more picks for them seeing as they already have their quarterback of the future).

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