Indianapolis Colts sign QBs Josh Freeman, Ryan Lindley

From the depths of irrelevance, fringe quarterbacks have emerged.

Former first-round pick Josh Freeman was signed by the Indianapolis Colts on Tuesday. Indy also picked up fellow journeyman Ryan Lindley.

The Colts have had extraordinary quarterback misfortune in 2015. Andrew Luck may not see the field again this season, Charlie Whitehurst is on injured reserve, Matt Hasselbeck is doubtful to play Sunday with numerous injuries and the only remaining quarterback on the roster before Tuesday was Stephen Morris, who has bounced between three teams in three seasons without a snap in the league.

Amazingly, the Colts still have a shot at making the postseason -- the odds are nearly one in 3,000. Freeman was himself a long shot to make it back in this league after falling off the map in Tampa Bay, Minnesota and Miami, so the match is fitting. Indianapolis hopes to resurrect Freeman's and/or Lindley's career at the very least for five days and hopefully for the length of the postseason. Given the Colts' luck at the position, a backup sighting against the Titans wouldn't be surprising.

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