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Illinois governor ready to pay up on NFC title game bet

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn said Monday he will honor his NFC Championship Game bet with his Wisconsin counterpart, adding "we've had enough of these cheeseheads," according to the *Chicago Tribune*.

Quinn and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker bet before the Packers beat the Bears in January, with the loser being obligated to hand out food at a local food bank in the other's state while sporting the winning team's jersey.

After the Packers' victory, a Quinn spokesman said the governor would pay off the bet by the end of February. While he did not travel to Wisconsin, he did fly a Packers flag outside his office in February.

Asked about the bet Monday during a news conference, Quinn said he would settle up before the regular season starts.

"We'll pay the bet, and this year the Bears will beat the Packers twice and go to the conference championship and win, and then hopefully win the Super Bowl," Quinn said. "But we've had enough of these cheeseheads."

On Monday, Walker handed out brats and desserts at a food pantry in Kenosha.

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