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How Super Bowl contenders train to be champs

An NFL athlete's job isn't only what happens on the field. A championship is a 24/7 endeavor. From nutrition, to speed, to power, to endurance, the best athletes never stop working to improve. The long journey to a Lombardi Trophy starts in the offseason. Players typically start putting in work way before training camp to ensure they're at their best.

*That level of work and dedication is apparent in this year's Super Bowl 50 contenders. Players from the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos had their eye on the Super Bowl long before Week 1. Here's a look at offseason training and tips from some of the players in Super Bowl 50.

Luke Kuechly
The Panthers linebacker routinely leads the league in tackles. He's able to cover a great deal of the field because of his overall speed, agility and explosiveness. This tennis ball circuit trains all of those attributes.
Kuechly's tip: Workout with others that are going to push you to be better. Use that competitive edge in the gym to get to that next level.

Von Miller
This Broncos linebacker has fought his way back from injuries to become a consistant nuisance for opposing offenses. You have to have explosiveness to provide the constant pressure Miller can. This circuit focuses on leg and hip strength to ensure the linebacker can attack any angle.
Pro Tip: You can't become complacent when it comes to conditioning. Focus on outlasting the guy across the line from you.

DeMarcus Ware
It's been a long journey for Ware, who's playing in his first Super Bowl. You don't have an NFL career 11 seasons strong without focusing on fitness. Here's a floor plank with some added intensity with a medicine ball.
Pro Tip: Starting at your core is key. It's your body's foundation, so make sure your core stays strong.

T.J. Ward
While Denver's front seven is backed up by defensive backs that will make you pay for sloppy passes, Ward is a safety that can do it all, from sacks to interceptions. Here's a DB drill to help improve footwork.
*Pro tip: Footwork is crucial to DBs. Being able to explode out of your breaks and react to a play faster will make you a better player. *

C.J. Anderson
The Broncos offense found itself late in the season once the ground game was established. As an undrafted free agent, Anderson is always looking to make an impact. This tire flip drill hits all the main points for running backs.
Pro tip: Go get it. Don't waste the opprotunity to be great.

*Get more workouts from Luke Kuechly, Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware, T.J. Ward and C.J. Anderson at NFL Up! You can also find quick tips and videos at the NFL Up! Instagram. *

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