How did Joe Thomas drop all that playing weight?

Pick any passer off Joe Thomas' infamous 21-quarterback list. They'd probably be hard-pressed to identify their old blind side protector now.

That's because Thomas looks less like an All-Pro left tackle and more like a CrossFit instructor these days. Check out Thomas' incredible transformation after a year in retirement:

Some humans are meant to play pro football at 312 pounds. Thomas was never one of them; his weight-gaining exploits were almost as impressive as the career they supported.

It started in high school with a very aggressive PB&J diet.

In the NFL, that program ballooned -- and so did Thomas.

Thomas told he was more eager to shed those pounds than "almost anything in retirement." He stopped eating to excess and developed an entirely different regimen.

The secret to Thomas' weight-loss plan? Lots and lots of pool time.

Thomas put in that work and then some. Kudos to the former big man.

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