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Houston Chronicle explains NFL sideline concussion assessment

With Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson sidelined because of a concussion, the Houston Chronicle explained the NFL's concussion process from in-game to return to play.

The Chronicle talked to Dr. Kenneth Podell, a neuropsychologist who is co-director of the Methodist Concussion Center, for this timeline of events. He said it all starts with a press box observer looking for players who may show signs of a concussion.

Podell said players are then given a 65-point test that goes over the game situation as well as current events. Failure to pass this exam means the player will be escorted to the locker room.

The Chronicle noted that the player cannot begin the return-to-play process for at least one day after the game.

As for returning to practice, a player must first show substantial progress on these tests before he can get on the field again.

-- Bill Bradley, contributing editor

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