Holt: Rams' offense similar to 'Greatest Show on Turf'

The Los Angeles Rams lead the NFL in scoring with 32.9 points per game. The last time the Rams led the NFL in scoring for a season was the 'Greatest Show on Turf' team of 2001. The 32.9 points per game is the exact average the 1999 Rams earned on their way to Super Bowl XXXIV.

The 2017 version with Todd Gurley gashing defenses and Jared Goff chucking the ball all over the park has many comparing it to those Marshall Faulk/Kurt Warner teams.

One key member of the "Greatest Show on Turf" sees some similarities between the modern-day Rams and his historic squad.

"I'm not saying that's where they are now," receiver Torry Holt told Gary Klein of the L.A. Times during a phone interview, "but that's where this offense is trending."

Goff and Co. aren't to 'Greatest Show' level yet, but there are many similarities between the teams thus far, including how much they've improved from the previous season.

It's notable that the Rams made their initial leap into offensive legend when Mike Martz was hired as offensive coordinator in 1999.

Holt gave coach Sean McVay credit for the Rams going from a stuck-in-the-mud Jeff Fisher days to a high-flying artistic offense in less than a year.

"He's a shot in the arm for that organization, a shot in the arm for that offense and shot in the arm for Jared Goff's development," Holt said.

Sunday's wipeout of the New York Giants contained a bevy of deep strikes, including a 67-yard bomb to Sammy Watkins and an incomprehensible third-and-33 screen to Robert Woods that went for a 52-yard score. Plays like these are where Holts sees similarities with his old team.

"There was some resemblance to the 'The Greatest Show on Turf,'" Holt said. "I saw some of that flash, particularly on those two plays."

McVay's squad has a long, long way to go before we enshrine them with Holt's teams. But considering how painful they were to watch last year, it's an astonishing turnaround.

If the Rams keep this up the rest of the season, we're going to have to come up with a new nickname for this squad.

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