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Holiday Gift Guide: Staff Picks


Tis the season...for football. Especially football related gifts. Whether you're naughty or nice or a suffering Browns fan, the staff at has picked their favorite present to help your fulfill your wish list. Cheers!


"Remember Gibbs? The Hogs? Riggo? Ah, yes. The Redskins were relevant once. This vintage Redskins hoodie will help you relive the good times. You know, because it's vintage. Simply put on this comfy hoodie and you'll be transported to the late 1980's-literally. Alien material woven into the fabric turns NFL apparel into a time machine. High five Doug Williams!" - D. Zyne, Feature Producer


"I've been a fan of the "A Football Life" series since it began. I bought my father Season 1 for Christmas last year, so it should come as no surprise that my pick for the holiday gift guide is the "A Football Life: Season 2" DVD box set. The second season was fantastic, profiling all-time greats like Barry Sanders, Marcus Allen, Ray Lewis and John Riggins. And get the tissues ready for the Chris Spielman episode, as he demonstrates the true measure of a man. What I also loved about this season, was how the producers experimented for the first time with highlighting moments in football history as opposed to just personalities. The episodes profiling Cleveland in 1995 and the Immaculate Reception made for fascinating television. If you're a diehard football fan, or know someone who wants to learn more about the game, then this is the perfect gift." - Alex Gelhar, Editor

bills glove

"Bills gloves with "non-slip grip." I am buying two pairs from NFL Shop as gifts this year for the holidays. One pair for Stevie Johnson. And one pair for Scott Chandler." Patrick Crawley, Programming Coordinator


"I think this hat is the most beautiful thing in the world. I go to NFL Shop every day and look at it, but I don't have $22 to spend on it since I live in a place where the temperature rarely dips below 60 degrees. I am considering moving to a cold weather city to justify buying it. That's how much I love it." -Henry Hodgson, Director, Programming


"I'm going to buy a customized Giants jersey, put the No. 10 on it and have the name "pick six" on the back. Don't worry, it's for a friend." - Robert Karpeles, Mobile Programming Coordinator


"I honestly don't know what this is, but I'm transfixed. If I can find a really skinny tree, I'm pretty sure I can recreate Mike Glennon. Plus I'd really just like to answer the question "What did you get for the holidays>" with a "Resin Tree Face Ornament." - Adam Zuerndorfer, Researcher


"Here's a wonderful watch and wallet combo gift that can help the Jets count down the time until free agency begins, and then dip into the wallet for money to help sign better defensive backs who will play a little bit closer than ten yards away from the opposing wide receivers." - Jason Smith, NFL Fantasy Live analyst

steelers hoodie
wine opener

"For a fanbase accused of being "wine and cheese lovers," this is probably perfect." - Marcas Grant, Fantasy Editor

benson figure

"Nothing says "I'm an epic Bears fan" like celebrating the 19th greatest running back in Bears history. (He's just behind Curtis Ennis)." - Adam Rank, NFL Fantasy Live analyst

panini box

"The 1989 Score Football set was the greatest football set ever. Panini America pays tribute to the 25th anniversary of that design. It's too early to tell if Geno Smith will become the next Troy Aikman, but the cards themselves are an awesome tribute to a bygone era. " - Amar Shah, Digital Features Editor

blanket redskins

"Want to stay warm this winter while simultaneously reliving the glory years of the Washington Redskins? Of course you do. Accomplish that feat with this beautiful blanket throw. The blanket commemorates the franchise's three Super Bowl championships and it's likely large enough to provide warmth to a small family of Redskins fans. Hail!" - Khalil Garriott, Senior Editor

steelers cap

"Mark the occasion of Mike Tomlin's foot being on Baltimore's field by wearing the cap he was wearing at the time." - Dave Dameshek

For more gifts check out NFL Shop.

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