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History shows it can be risky to trade great players for picks

A number of Pro Bowl players changed teams this offseason in exchange for draft picks.

The Broncos shipped QB Jay Cutler and a fifth-round pick to the Bears for QB Kyle Orton and three draft picks, a first-rounder and third-rounder this year and a first-rounder next year. The Bills sent OT Jason Peters to the Eagles for first and fourth-round choices this year and a sixth-round selection next year. Finally, the Chiefs dealt TE Tony Gonzalez to the Falcons for a second-round pick this year.

Honorable mentions

While the 10 trades below are some of the most noteworthy involving star players for draft picks, there have been many more in NFL history. Take a look at the best of the rest. More ...

These sorts of trades are made every year, but rarely does anyone go back and look what the draft picks involved in the deals wound up doing. Still, it is inevitable that the careers of Broncos' choice Robert Ayers and Bills' choice Eric Wood, will forever be linked to those of Jay Cutler and Jason Peters, respectively.

What does history show about how these trades turn out? Do the players usually go on to bigger success or do the picks often wind up becoming stars?

Many Hall of Famers, not to mention Pro Bowl players, have been traded throughout their careers for draft picks. Here are 10 of the biggest veteran-for-draft-pick trades of all time. A number of factors were considered in deciding these 10 trades, including the era of the trade, the impact it had on both teams, the difference it made in the future of each franchise and the trade's notoriety. If you feel like we should have included any other trades among these 10, let us know.

Several factors come into play when looking at whether a team should keep its star veteran or trade him for draft picks. In some of these 10 trades there is a clear winner and in others it is not so obvious. Once you examine each trade, make sure to share your opinion on which team got the better end of the deal.

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