Hijinks can even appear at the highest level of play

Take a look at each in-depth breakdown and then vote for your favorite nuttiest play from Championship Sunday at the bottom of the right column.

Follow the bouncing ball

The situation: Billy Cundiff kicks off to the Patriots after a touchdown gave Baltimore a 17-16 lead with 3:38 left in the third quarter.

Things got a bit nutty when ...Patriots return man Danny Woodhead fumbles the ball. The loose pigskin bounces off the normally sure-handed Rob Gronkowski and is recovered by the Ravens, who capitalize on the gift with a field goal.

The timing couldn't have been worse

The situation: The 49ers' defense has forced a second Giants punt in overtime.

Things got a bit nutty when ...49ers return specialist Kyle Williams -- who already had one misadventure on a punt return in the fourth quarter -- fumbles the ball back to the Giants, who recover at the 49ers' 24-yard line. The Giants then set up Lawrence Tynes' winning field goal, which sends them to their second Super Bowl appearance in five years.

Along for the ride

The situation: The Ravens face a third-and-4 from the Patriots' 29-yard line with 3:48 left in the third quarter while trailing 16-10.

Things got a bit nutty when ... A wide-open Torrey Smith hauls in a Joe Flacco pass and sprints toward the end zone. The Patriots' Devin McCourty chases Smith down, but Smith gets a good grip of McCourty's facemask as he applies a stiff arm. Smith scores to give the Ravens a 17-16 lead.

Hochuli's explanation

The situation:Alex Smith goes deep for Vernon Davis, who catches the pass and outruns the Giants' defense for a 73-yard touchdown to give San Francisco a 7-0 lead.

Things got a bit nutty when ... The play is reviewed to determine whether or not Davis stepped out of bounds en route to the end zone. The touchdown stands, but referee Ed Hochuli's explanation to the fans is worth listening to.

Tips are appreciated

The situation: The Patriots have just received the ball after a Joe Flacco interception, and appear to go for the jugular on first-and-10 from the 50-yard line.

Things got a bit nutty when ... Brady's pass intended for Matthew Slater is tipped by Bernard Pollard and then intercepted by Jimmy Smith for one of the most amazing picks of the season.

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