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Higher/Lower: Should Luck, Kaepernick owners worry?

This week in Higher/Lower, we tackle running back time-shares, two 2012 QB's who have stumbled so far this season, a big apology and my big bold prediction for Walter White. One other note, if you're in a "Sons of Anarchy"-only fantasy league, pick up Charles Clay, Clay Harbor and anyone else named Clay. To make roster space, you can waive Dave Navarro.

3 seconds:* How long it took me to decide I have to flip Reggie Bush in a trade. Under.* It's not like Joique Bell is going to take over Bush's job, but when you've had three injuries in the first three weeks, things don't bode well for you in carrying the load. That's exactly what's happened to Bush, who looks destined for a time-share with Bell when he returns. Bush's value is pretty low right now, so you (and I, who own Bush in a couple of leagues) have to wait for his next big game and then deal him. He's not going to stay healthy over the course of the season, and he's not going to give you the production you need out of what was likely your second- or third-round pick. The same can be said for Michael Vick. If he has a huge game against the Broncos, trade him as soon as possible. His health and the success of the Eagles' offense won't hold up over the course of the entire season.

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5: On a scale of one to 10, how concerned I am about Colin Kaepernick and Andrew Luck. Over. I was worried in the preseason but Week 1 assuaged me on Kaepernick (unless he's just always going to play well against the Packers). But the last two weeks are concerning, especially seeing how a Colts defense that was shredded by Terrelle Pryor and Ryan Tannehill was able to bottle him up the way they did. This was a huge bounce-back game on paper, and it didn't happen. I'm not in a panic, but I'm getting there. The same goes for Andrew Luck. He's been good. Just not fantasy-good. What you need to do, if you own one of these guys, is make very sure you have a good backup QB on your roster -- because you might have to play them for an extended period if they don't snap out of it. If you don't have one or there's none available on the waiver wire, try to swing a minor deal for one.

50 percent: The percentage of carries the Bengals will give Giovani Bernard every week going forward. Over. It's inevitable. Bernard is a game breaker and a potential superstar. BenJarvus Green-Ellis will be only a goal line back by Halloween, sooner if he keeps fumbling like he did Sunday. Forget about a split with the Law Firm, it's going to be 70/30 before too long. Bernard is now officially a low-end No. 2 RB. Try to get him in a trade, if you can, because you won't have to give up as much for him as you will if you wait two or three weeks.

75 percent: How certain I am of what happens in the final scene of "Breaking Bad." Over. I've been chewing this around in my head for most of this season, and I'm pretty sure of my prognostication. Walter Jr. and Holly will wind up in the custody of Marie, and Walt, having "won," will decide to take his own way out and smoke the ricin cigarette. The ricin cigarette has swirled around the show all season, and that's the payoff.

1,000: The number of people I had to apologize to for my 'Don't play Josh Gordon' advice from Sunday. Over. In my defense, I wasn't alone, but I gotta own it. Amid trade rumors, Gordon made his 2013 debut and looked like he had been playing all season long. The biggest thing is Brian Hoyer looked legit in moving the team downfield, which means he shouldn't have trouble getting Gordon the football. He was aggressive, the play-calling was inventive, and now maybe the Browns' offense won't be the vast wasteland we thought it would be after the Trent Richardson trade. Gordon was one of my big sleepers in the preseason, so hopefully you listened to me then and not this past Sunday. Incidentally, I also had to apologize to over 1,000 people for advising to start the Vikings' defense as well.

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