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High-stakes renewal of Cowboys-Redskins rivalry and NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport has his thoughts on the game:

Why this game is intriguing: As a pure fan of the game, it would be difficult to ask for anything more of the last game in the 2012 regular season. This one has everything. Emotions high on both sides in a historic rivalry. Win-or-go-home stakes for the Cowboys, though the Redskins can still squeak into the playoffs with a loss if certain things happen. And dynamic players who will no doubt find the brightest stage with the game on the line. For Washington, that means Robert Griffin III, who will attack a beleaguered Cowboys defense at less than 100 percent thanks to his knee injury. Will that be enough? If he can replicate last month's performance in Dallas that left owner Jerry Jones in awe, it will be. For the Cowboys, receiver Dez Bryant and quarterback Tony Romo have been on a serious tear as a tandem, taking their flawed team to the brink of the playoffs. Do they have one more in them? Drama awaits.

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