Hey Teddy: Bridgewater surprises young Vikings fan

Dreams do come true. Just ask one young Minnesota Vikings fan.

While most 6-year-olds wish for toys on their birthday, Obadiah Gamble was hoping to celebrate with his favorite football player, Teddy Bridgewater. So he decided to ask him by making a music video.

"I was making up songs in the bathroom, and I thought, 'Hey -- maybe I could invite Teddy to my birthday party,'" Obadiah told the team's official website.

Bridgewater saw the video on Twitter and decided to surprise him with a visit to his home.

"It was a dream come true," Obadiah said. "I was like, 'Oh man, that's Teddy.' Now I have to put on my best behavior for a football player."

Not only did Bridgewater give Obadiah an early birthday present, he also participated in a new music video. In the video, Obadiah thanked Teddy for visiting him to celebrate his birthday.

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said he isn't surprised by the quarterback's generosity.

"It's terrific, and that's the kind of guy Teddy is," Zimmer said in an interview with ESPN on Thursday. "Teddy is the leader of this football team, but more importantly, he's a great person."

This is the kind of gesture that Obadiah will cherish for a lifetime.

"I'll remember this until my 92nd birthday," he said. "No, I'll remember it my whole life."

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