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Henning: Dolphins will give Henne chance to be their QB

Some Miami Dolphins fans are crying for the Chad Henne era to end. But Henne's former offensive coordinator, Dan Henning, has some bad news for those folks.

"I feel like Chad will get the opportunity to turn it around, I really do," Henning told *The Palm Beach Post* last week. "He's always ready to do what you ask him to do, very studious about the game. Good questions, aware of personalities and idiosyncrasies with player personnel that he has to deal with. No problem working with Chad Henne."

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Henne struggled last season, his second as the Dolphins' starting quarterback, going 6-8 and throwing 15 touchdown passes with 19 interceptions. Henning wasn't interested in dissecting Henne's performance during his interview with The Post, saying he'll leave that to the team's current staff, including new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll.

"As I used to tell (coach) Tony (Sparano), 'I don't tell anybody but you how I feel about player personnel,' " Henning said. "Because then you have so many different layers of opinions running around there, and they get carried off the reservation. That should all come from Tony.

"I don't want to expend any brain power or observations on what could or should or would have been," he added. "The people that are there, they have an on-going obligation to get things turned around."

Henning also didn't want to discuss wide receiver Brandon Marshall, who didn't exactly back the coordinator or Henne as Miami's offense faltered last season, ranking 30th in the 32-team NFL.

"I'd rather not comment on that," Henning said.

For those people who believe the Dolphins' struggles cost Henning his job, think again. Henning told The Post that he always planned to retire in January, after Sparano asked him to return for the 2010 season.

"It was understood between (Sparano) and I that I was going to be moving on, regardless of whether he stayed or they won the Super Bowl or were 1-15 again," said Henning, who's 69. "So I knew it (leaving the team) was coming from January 2010."

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