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Henne eager to prove worth to Dolphins, who didn't draft a QB

Talk that the Miami Dolphins would draft a quarterback this year turned out to be just that, meaning Chad Henne likely will have the opportunity to be the team's starter in 2011.

Henne viewed the Dolphins' decision as a vote of confidence in his abilities. That said, he knows the job won't be handed to him, acknowledging he'll likely "still have to compete" with an established veteran, he told *The Miami Herald* on Friday.

Henne shot down criticism that he played scared at times last season, instead saying he just needs to improve in certain areas of his game.

"I don't think I was ever afraid of mistakes," he said at a charity event in honor of late player/radio announcer Jim Mandich. "There are things I have to improve on, but I'm not going to change the way I play."

Henne believes the system put in place by new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll will improve Miami's attack.

"I like it, and I'm comfortable with it," Henne said. "I don't know the whole offense yet, but it's very diverse, and there a lot of things you can add to it."

Henne singled out his affinity for new pass plays that include quicker routes.

"Last year, we did five- or seven-step drops," he said. "Now, we have three, five and seven. It keeps the defense on their toes. As a defensive back, you're not looking at the quarterback's feet as much."

Henne will be one of about 30 Dolphins who will participate in on-field practices this week. He said the group will try to replicate normal practices while working in some new plays.

One Dolphin who won't be at the workouts is wide receiver Brandon Marshall, who's recovering from stab wounds sustained in an altercation with his wife last month.

"He's up in Boston, and we'll try to get him back as quickly as we can and start working together," Henne said. "It's been tough for him with his family."

Marshall was ranked 61st in the NFL Network's "Top 100 Players of 2011" special, which aired Sunday night. The rankings are based on player voting.

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