Head Health Challenge II final winners announced

On December 3, the NFL, GE and Under Armour announced the three final winners of Head Health Challenge II. The three winners -- my Research Labs, University of Washington and Viconic Sporting -- each were awarded additional funding to further develop their innovative technologies to prevent and better protect against brain injury. All three winners have the chance to receive up to $1 million over the next year as they continue to advance their work.

Here's a look at the winners:

Army Research Labs created a rate-dependent tether system that lessens violent head motion, and helps lessen peak forces and reduce the severity of a head-to-ground impact by slowing the head prior to ground contact.

The University of Washington designed a new football helmet featuring a novel impact-absorbing structure that reduces forces thought to cause concussion.

Viconic Sporting, Inc. developed a turf underlayer that softens impact and helps make fields significantly safer for athletes.

You can take a deeper look at these innovations and find more information on Head Health Challenge II here.

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