He took his heart to S.F., now Rogers fires away at Redskins

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Carlos Rogers spent his first six NFL seasons with the Washington Redskins, the team that selected him No. 9 overall in the 2005 draft, but it doesn't sound like he holds his former employers very close to his heart.

Rogers said Wednesday night that the Redskins spend too much money on acquiring free agents at the expense of nurturing the players they draft.

"They brought in so many guys and gave them all the money and lifted them up, and let guys go that they drafted and had been there," Rogers told Sirius XM NFL Radio Wednesday night, according to Fox Sports. "I really wasn't finding them building a team that way. Of course, you're going to need free agents and some spots you need to fill. But you need to take care of your guys. Take care of home and not let them go. That's how you build."

Rogers had some other criticisms, too.

"There's so much drama, so much outside stuff," Rogers said. "You give up a play, you give up a touchdown, you've got to worry about whether you're starting this week or if it's the next corner up. It's things like that.

"Coaches don't realize that distracts a lot of players. All the outside stuff resonates. It's just football. Just play football and have fun and you'll get a lot of things accomplished. That's what I like about this organization."

Rogers might have his pick (so to speak) of organizations after this season: He's playing on a one-year contract and leads the 8-1 49ers with five interceptions.

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