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Haynesworth's attorney reportedly tries to end case

WASHINGTON -- Albert Haynesworth's attorney has repeatedly offered money to a waitress so she would help convince the government to drop her sexual abuse case against the defensive lineman, prosecutors said Thursday.

Haynesworth is accused of sliding his credit card into the waitress' bra and touching her breast at the W Hotel where he was having drinks with friends in February.

Prosecutors wrote in a court document filed Thursday that on "numerous occasions" after the allegations, Haynesworth's attorney approached the waitress' attorney and offered money. The case is set for trial Tuesday in Washington.

Haynesworth's attorney, A. Scott Bolden, denies the money offer.

"Just not true," he said in a telephone interview Thursday.

Prosecutors wrote that though it would not be in the woman's power to have the lawsuit dismissed, "this has not stopped the defense from attempting to achieve that end."

Haynesworth played for the Washington Redskins last season and was traded in the preseason to the New England Patriots.

Earlier this week, his attorney filed court documents saying that a hotel security guard who witnessed the alleged sexual abuse was offered money in exchange for testimony against Haynesworth. Ramon Davis said in an affidavit he was offered $50,000 by a man who approached him at work and that he believed the money was being offered on behalf of the waitress.

Prosecutors, however, wrote that Davis' allegations about the payment should be excluded from the case because they are speculative. Prosecutors said Davis acknowledged the man approached him without the victim, never mentioned her name and never asked him to testify in any particular way.

If the evidence of the alleged $50,000 payment offer does get to be introduced at trial, however, prosecutors want to bring up the alleged payment offers by Haynesworth's attorney.

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