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Haynesworth loses 8 lbs in heat of 1st practice

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -Tennessee All-Pro defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth got a reminder Saturday that there's nothing really that can simulate being on a football field pushing against other 300-pounders in training camp heat.

Haynesworth found himself being double-teamed by veteran center Kevin Mawae and left guard Eugene Amano on the first play of team drills. He also managed to pressure Vince Young on a couple plays before finishing up a session where it felt like 97 degrees, causing him to lose 8 pounds.

"It was difficult. Like I said before, you can't substitute any training you do for football, for actually being out on the field, and it was like that today," Haynesworth said.

Asked if the temperature being about 10 degrees hotter made a difference, Haynesworth said maybe.

"I'm still a little rusty. I've got to get back into it. I missed those OTAs (organized teams activities) and say by the middle of camp, I should be just like I am," Haynesworth said.

His teammates were happy to have him back out with them on a one-year, $7.25 million tender as the Titans' franchise player. Haynesworth missed the opening practice Friday while he signed that deal and had a physical.

Coach Jeff Fisher said he thought Haynesworth did fine in his first practice.

"He's probably a little bit rusty, but he'll get it back in no time," Fisher said.

Haynesworth reported to camp at 338 pounds. Fisher said he was pleased with the tackle's weight.

The tackle worked out on his own during the offseason. Haynesworth said he wore a 20-pound vest to simulate shoulder pads, but he ran into a problem when he tried to grab a helmet and put it on. Unfortunately, the helmets had autographs on them. Back in June, Haynesworth said he was working hard enough that he hoped to define his stomach into six-pack ab muscles.

Asked if he thought Haynesworth had achieved his goal, Fisher didn't know.

"I haven't seen him with his shirt off," Fisher said.

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