Haynesworth faces charge of misdemeanor sexual abuse

Washington Redskins defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth was charged with misdemeanor sexual abuse Tuesday for allegedly fondling the breast of his server in a hotel restaurant.

A grand jury returned an indictment formally charging Haynesworth over the alleged incident at a downtown Washington hotel in the early hours of Feb. 13. If convicted, the two-time All-Pro faces up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

According to the U.S. attorney's office, the government's evidence shows Haynesworth, 29, slid a credit card down the front of the server's dress and fondled her breast.

Haynesworth's attorney, A. Scott Bolden, called the charge disappointing and regretful and said it would be a difficult case for the government to prove. Haynesworth is innocent and several witnesses would vouch that the alleged conduct never happened, Bolden said.

"We maintain his innocence, and now the fight begins," Bolden said.

According to the police report initially filed in February, Haynesworth wanted to pay his bill and asked the waitress, whose hands were full of dishes, if he could put his credit card in her blouse. She nodded yes, he placed the card in her blouse, and he then slid his hand further into the left side of her blouse.

Redskins spokesman Tony Wyllie said Tuesday the team was referring all calls to Haynesworth and his agent. Telephone and e-mail messages left for Haynesworth's agent, Chad Speck, weren't immediately returned.

Speck refuted the allegations in February, issuing the following statement: "There seems to be no truth to these allegations and we are currently evaluating the facts and considering our own legal actions against those involved."

Haynesworth also faces a misdemeanor assault charge in Virginia for allegedly punching a man during a road-rage assault. His trial in that case is scheduled for May.

At one point last summer, Haynesworth also was involved in lawsuits from a bank, an exotic dancer, a man injured in an automobile accident and complaints from his ex-wife that he wasn't paying for her health insurance or their children's bills.

Haynesworth has dealt with his share of on-the-field problems over the past year. His tumultuous 2010 season with the Redskins ended when the team suspended him without pay for the final four games for "conduct detrimental to the club."

Haynesworth had constantly feuded with Redskins coach Mike Shanahan, skipped offseason workouts and failed to pass a conditioning test at the start of training camp. Haynesworth didn't start a game last season, despite being in the second year of a seven-year, $100 million contract, and is expected to be traded or released by the Redskins this offseason.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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