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Haynesworth doesn't take test again as Redskins grow wary

Same old, same old for Albert Haynesworth. No conditioning test and no practice Friday, a day after a precautionary MRI exam showed no structural damage on his sore left knee.

Haynesworth didn't take the team conditioning test for the fourth consecutive day. Other than recovering a few fumbles as part of a turnover drill, his role at practice remained that of a spectator without shoulder pads.

A source close to Haynesworth told NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora that it is unclear when Haynesworth next will attempt the conditioning test.

"There's no difference from yesterday," coach Mike Shanahan said. "He's getting treatment and hopefully he keeps on improving."

Haynesworth, 29, will not be allowed to practice until he passes the test, which consists of two timed 300-yard back-and-forth shuttle runs.

Haynesworth failed the test each of the first two days of training camp, but his knee has hampered his efforts to try again. He started the test Monday but stopped when the knee acted up.

The persistent soreness prompted the Redskins to order an MRI on Thursday, a test Shanahan called a "preventative measure." The knee has been bothering Haynesworth for several years, and last year he missed two days of training camp to have fluid injected into the knee.

Although the MRI showed no structural damage, an exact return date is uncertain, and Haynesworth still is dealing with issues with the knee, the source told La Canfora.

Meanwhile, frustration within the organization appears to be growing. The Washington Post, citing multiple team sources, reported that some Redskins officials don't believe Haynesworth's pain rises to a level that would prevent him from passing the conditioning test, which consists of two timed 300-yard shuttle runs.

Haynesworth's decision to continue delaying retesting has been unsettling to the Redskins light of the encouraging MRI exam and Thursday's performance on a treadmill in which "he was flying,"The Post reported.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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