Hasselbeck, Whitehurst suffer injuries in Colts' win

Injuries continue to mount among the Colts' quarterbacks.

Late in the second quarter of Sunday's 18-12 victory over the Miami DolphinsColts quarterback Matt Hasselbeck was in the middle of a play call when he started shaking and rotating his injured shoulder. He called for Charlie Whitehurst on the sideline before expressing his frustration and walking off into the locker room. The Coltsannounced he would not return to the game.

Whitehurst also left the game in the fourth quarter with an undisclosed injury.

Hasselbeck was drilled by Dolphins defensive lineman Jordan Phillips a few plays earlier. After the Phillips hit, Ndamukong Suh lightly hit the injured area forcing Hasselbeck to grimace. Hasselbeck returned to the sideline in the second half with his right arm in a sling.

As far as possibly playing next week, Hasselbeck told reporters after the game he "wasn't ruling anything out but I'm not super optimistic."

Injuries among play callers have been a problem for Indianapolis all season. With Andrew Luck out, Hasselbeck was a fine backup but struggled all season with injuries. At 40, playing in an offense that has been in flux all season, the hard hits have taken their toll. Hasselbeck was listed with rib and back issues before the game, as well. He was restricted to a liquid diet this week after a jaw injury briefly knocked him out of the Texans game.

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