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Hasselbeck OK with Titans' Manning chase

As his team moves forward in its attempt to sign Peyton Manning, Matt Hasselbeck can only watch as the Tennessee Titans look to bring aboard a quarterback to displace him.

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But Hasselbeck shrugged off the Titans' potential move, saying the team's pursuit of Manning is "out of my control," according to

Hasselbeck said that he had spoken with Mike Munchak and members of the Titans' front office, and thought they were forthcoming about their intent.

"We've talked and they've been great from day one since I've been here and just being up front with me from the get-go," Hasselbeck said. "They always have been, whether it was when I was deciding to come here last year or with Jake (Locker). I just know what they've told me and I'm very, very comfortable with that. I guess I'll keep the conversations we've had between us, and it's been good. I talked to Munch and I'm comfortable."

Hasselbeck would not say if he would request a trade or his release in the event Manning is signed.

"Right now, that's a hypothetical and there's a hundred hypotheticals out there. Most of these things are out of my control," Hasselbeck said. "I can just go by what Munch told me, and what everyone has told me since the end of the season. Really the only thing I can control is how I prepare for next year, how I train, how I work out, how I take care of my body. That's really where my focus is."

Manning met with Titans officials for nearly seven hours on Wednesday. On Thursday, the Titans signed guard Steve Hutchinson, a close friend of Manning’s.

Hasselbeck threw for 3,571 and 18 touchdowns last year after joining the Titans in the offseason.

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