Haskins to meet with Broncos, Raiders, Fins, 'Skins

For NFL teams high on Dwayne Haskins, his pro day performance at Ohio State was probably reaffirming. And for those less interested, Wednesday's workout likely didn't move the needle.

NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah said Haskins, whose pre-draft showcase played out in front of all 32 teams, basically confirmed what they already knew about the former Buckeyes quarterback after his one season as a starter produced a school-record 50 touchdowns, 4,831 passing yards and third-place finish in the Heisman race.

"He's got a very live arm, he can make every single throw, the anticipation, that was something you heard people talking about," Jeremiah said. "I don't know that you really change a lot of minds today around the league. People have kind of dug in, you're either a Haskins guy or a [Kyler] Murray guy, and I don't think that's going to change based off what happened today. But to me the way that he looked physically, the shape that he was in, he's leaned out and moved around, I think that was the biggest takeaway for me."

Haskins, projected to be either the first or second quarterback selected in April's draft, told Jeremiah and NFL Network's Aditi Kinkhabwala he had a great meeting with the Giants on Tuesday evening. New York, of course, has been heavily linked to Haskins with the No. 6 overall pick.

"We had some good talks, ate some good food and it was a great experience," he said.

Haskins also revealed that he has meetings scheduled with the Broncos, Raiders, Dolphins and Redskins, each of whom have a pick in the top 15 of the first round. Jeremiah said while Haskins' athleticism might not wow prospective teams, he checks off many of the boxes NFL front offices consider with a franchise quarterback.

"He's very smart, he's very mature and he's very comfortable in his own skin," Jeremiah said. "And if you're going to put your job in the young man's hands, those are good qualities to have. That's going to help him as he goes through this process, these team visits, going out and visiting these teams on location. They're going to send him playbooks, ask him to swallow that information before he shows up, and I don't think he'll have any issues whatsoever, being able to get that done."

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