Harvin feels 'great,' believes migraines no longer an issue

Percy Harvin believes the migraine headaches that have steadily hampered his young, promising career are finally in the past, The Virginian-Pilot reported Saturday.

Harvin told the newspaper he hasn't suffered an episode in five or six months, saying "This is the best I've felt, probably, since I've been in kindergarten.

"I met a couple of doctors. There were a couple of things they found in my neck that I won't get into -- some things they found and fixed, along with diet and the rest of the things that can cause them. It's been great, and knock on wood, it'll continue."

Harvin said the NFL lockout has given him time to take a new approach to training, a regiment that includes swimming, weightlifting and running. He told The Virginian-Pilot he's in the best shape of his life.

"My explosion is to a whole (other) level," he said. "My speed has gotten back to top-notch level, so I'm feeling great and really anticipating the season."

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