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Harbaugh's debut comes vs. old college nemesis

Why to watch
In the NFC West, anything is possible, so while both of these teams seem to have their share of issues, who knows? The Seahawks won a division in Pete Carroll's first season, so maybe the 49ers can do the same in Jim Harbaugh's maiden voyage.

Inside story
Neither team is particularly set or settled at quarterback and it's never too soon to start handicapping the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. If this kid is who they say he will be, then he is a franchise changer. Sure the 49ers used a second-round pick on a passer, but you can't tell me Harbaugh wouldn't want to be reunited with Luck. And with Tarvaris Jackson starting and Charlie Whitehurst in the final year of his deal, Seattle could very well be in the market for a 2012 quarterback as well.

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