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Hall of Fame or Super Bowl? Forte gives his take

You have questions and we have the answers. Bears running back Matt Forte was recently in the NFL Network offices and took a moment to sit down with editor Adam Rank to answer 10 questions (or so).

1. What player did you admire while growing up?
Emmitt Smith, because he was a great player and he played football for the love of the game. He was also a great role model. I also liked Marshall Faulk. They both ran the ball well, and they both caught the ball out of the backfield, and they were every down backs that you could use in a lot of different ways out of the backfield in the running game and the passing game.

2. Is there anybody you model your game after?
I have my own style out there. God has blessed me with my talent and I don't imitate anybody else's style. They might compare me to somebody else. I just go out there and do what I've been doing since I've been little. But size wise, I have been compared to the bigger backs, the taller guys like Adrian Peterson. But I have my own style.

3. Have you had your own "welcome to the NFL" moment?
The first time we did blitz pickup, the defense moves real fast so you have a lot of responsiblities and protection and everybody is moving everywhere. You have to know where everybody is, which person is the right person to pick up. That was the moment where I thought, I really need to know this if I want to be able to play.

4. Have you learned your school fight song yet? You will have to sing it at training camp.
Yeah, we had to do that at school. The freshmen had to learn how to sing the school fight song. So I am used to it.

5. Who is your favorite athlete of all time?
I like so many, but all-time I would have to say Michael Jordan, because he dominated his sport and position where nobody can be compared to him. They may compare some of the aspects of what he has done, but you can't compare what he did as a whole. Nobody could take over the game like he did or do the things he did.

6. What is your favorite sport other than football?
Basketball. I played basketball and baseball in high school. I didn't play baseball for the whole four years because it ran into spring football. Basketball, I wasn't really tall so I started running track so I could get my speed right for football. I really like track because I wasn't as fast, but as I started working at it, I got faster and started winning some meets. I did the 200 and relays.

Will you watch the Olympics? I love watching track on TV, especially the events that I used to run. So I will be looking forward to watching the Olympics.

7. Complete this sentence "If I were commissioner for the day, I would …"
I would let everybody in the league wear their own style in uniform. There are too many uniform violations.

8. If you could chose only one: win the Super Bowl or make the Hall of Fame, which would it be?
That's tough. There's nothing like the Super Bowl. But you could be a one-year wonder. I'd say the Hall of Fame because it's forever. Sure, the Super Bowl is forever. But there is nothing like having a long career and have people remember you for what you did on the field even though you didn't win a Super Bowl. I would say Hall of Fame, because you would be around some of the great names.

9. If you made it to the Hall of Fame, who would you chose as your presenter?
My childhood idol Emmitt Smith. I idolized him growing up and now I'm wearing the same number.

10. What's a talent you have that people don't usually know about?
Good golfer. A lot of guys go out and try. But when I go out guys are usually surprised by that first hit and the short game and stuff.

What do you normally shoot? I haven't really done the score as much. But the best I've ever done is in the 80s.

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