Gus Bradley says he doesn't need to sell Jags to fans

Despite the Jaguars' record of 5-21 over the past two seasons, there is a prevailing belief that Gus Bradley is a good head coach, and that he will be able to turn things around.

But heading into his bye week, Bradley doesn't feel like he needs to stand on a soap box to convince anyone of this fact, or the fact that he has the foundation of a decent team.

"We don't have to sell to this group," Bradley said, via The Florida Times-Union. "This group responds. They respond to coaching. They're committed. They go out there and play."

The Jaguars have looked admirably competitive at times this season but have yet to do anything substantive with a roster that has been (or really, should have been) built on high draft picks.

The team has not picked outside of the top 10 since 2008.

This is obviously not the fault of Bradley, nor is it the fault of new general manager Dave Caldwell -- at least not for now.

For now, though, the Jaguarscould certainly use some signs of progress before making another one of those top 10 draft picks. At least then, it won't feel like as much of a sales job.

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