Gus Bradley: Jaguars 'expect more' of Blake Bortles

Gus Bradley wants more from his franchise quarterback.

Blake Bortles is young and seriously devoid of weapons, but he is still 1-7 as a starter and has three touchdowns to five interceptions over his last four games.

Bradley's concerns seem to be more specific, though. In an interview with The Florida Times-Union on Monday, the coach mentioned Bortles' bad habit of holding onto the ball too long. He also said Bortles' decision-making is not as sharp as he wants it to be.

In short: "He's young, but we expect more."

Bortles was by far the brightest quarterback coming out of the preseason and, in turn, had the highest expectations. Since, he's shown glimpses of his promise but is also the product of a very bad football team.

Maybe this is Bradley's way of instilling a sense of responsibility in his young quarterback. Bortles certainly has the talent. But before Bradley gets too in-depth about Bortles' flaws, he'll need to hit on a few of his draft picks.

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