Gurley on hitting rookie wall: 'What wall? I'm good'

The rookie wall is an unfortunate platitude made up by sportswriters to explain opposing defenses that finally get enough film on a player to effectively stop him. So when Todd Gurley has 566 yards and three touchdowns in his first four starts, then 219 yards and three touchdowns in his next four starts, it must be that ole rookie wall.

"What wall?" Gurley wisely said when asked. "I'm good."

This goes without saying that Gurley has been trying to pound the ball against some fairly good defenses in recent weeks. After surprising the Cardinals in his true debut a week after getting just six carries, Gurley went on to thrash the Packers, 49ers and Browns, which helped him amass the total he has now.

And this is not saying Gurley is doing it against bad teams only.

But when a struggling one-dimensional offense finally gets a good thing going for it, their opponents are going to watch the tape and they are going to figure out how the Rams block. They are going to figure out how Gurley runs, where he doesn't like to be hit, where he tends to cut. They will use this information, and force Gurley to evolve.

"We had a slow first half against the Cardinals, then we had a big second half," head coach Jeff Fisher said. "We've looked hard at it. We just have to continue to give him opportunities. So, we'll get creative in the run game, and got to get hats on hats, and let him go."

Fisher didn't come right out and say it, but he's essentially hinting at the fact that St. Louis will make some alterations. Without much help from the quarterback position, it won't be easy -- then again, this is what the Rams signed up for.

The team loaded up on offensive line help and Gurley during the draft and were hoping to find the right combination to create a Seattle-esque power-first offense. Like any other team, Seattle was figured out too, and had to adjust.

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