Gruden: Redskins haven't discussed letting RGIII go

After coach Jay Gruden announced Kirk Cousins as the Washington Redskins' starting quarterback for the entire 2015 season, the next logical question is: What does that mean for Robert Griffin III?

Gruden said Monday the team has no plans to cut ties with the No. 2 overall pick from 2012.

"Yeah, I do (feel that RGIII will be on roster next week)," Gruden said. "I like Robert as a quarterback. No doubt about it. His future is with the Washington Redskins. There's been no discussions about letting him go or doing any of that stuff. We're going to plan on playing with these three quarterbacks."

Gruden pointed to the fact that all three quarterbacks -- Cousins, RGIII and Colt McCoy -- started games last season as reasoning.

"I anticipated Kirk taking this job and running with it," he said. "But (RGIII's) job of being a backup quarterback or a third-string quarterback -- whatever it is -- is to be ready to play. The door is not shut on Robert Griffin. He's a Washington Redskins player and he's got to come in and compete like everyone else. "

Gruden wouldn't say whether RGIII will be the backup or whether he'd fall to No. 3 on the depth chart when he returns from concussion.

"Robert is still on concussion protocol program. When he gets out of that, we'll make a determination," he said.

Gruden insisted multiple times Monday that Griffin's demotion had nothing to do with his concussion, but rather Cousins' game tape.

Given the $16.2 million due to Griffin next year for injury, he's likely untradeable. With the investment they've made in RGIII, the team also seems reluctant to cut him -- even if that might be the smoothest way out of a sticky situation.

One thing is certain when it comes to the 2015 Redskins: the drama is not over.

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