Gruden 'doubts' Williams trade, not sure of return

The longer Trent Williams stays away, the longer Washington Redskins coach Jay Gruden will have to deal with the questions. He appears to have reached his limit.

While at the podium on Saturday, Gruden was once again lobbed questions surrounding the continued absence of the Pro Bowl offensive lineman, who has missed all of training camp.

When asked if the Redskins are looking to move Williams, Gruden was frank in his reply, saying, "I would seriously doubt that. So, no."

Yes, it is hard to imagine Washington moving a player of Williams' caliber without having exhausted all options in its efforts to have the disgruntled star return to the team.

Few people understand that more than Gruden, which makes his reply to the question about what it would take to get Williams back pretty appropriate.

"I do not have an understanding of what it would take to get [him] back," Gruden said. "If I did, he'd be back here."

It's clear tensions are mounting at FedEx Field and, with Williams' return not appearing to be imminent, the Redskins will be forced to continue to wait the big man out, much like they've been doing all offseason.

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