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Gronkowski on scuffle: 'I'm throwing some haymakers'

Rob Gronkowski played the most prominent role of any New England Patriot in the scuffle that marred the end of Super Bowl XLIX and got Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin ejected.

Speaking on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday, Gronk explained that once the skirmish started, he wasn't backing down.

"I got pushed or something, and it was the last game of the year and I was like, 'Screw it, I'm throwing some haymakers,' " Gronkowski said, per Yahoo Sports. "They just started coming at us. We were just trying to take a knee. (It) just happens; it's football. Just emotions going. It's football, things happen.

"It's all good. I mean, it's all good. They played ball, they're a hardworking team, and we just came out and did what we did to get the win."

Irvin later apologized for his actions. And Gronk, perhaps realizing he just admitted to taking a swing, quickly took it back (video shows he shoved one player by the helmet with an open hand before getting swiped at by Irvin and tackled by Michael Bennett).

"Roger, that wasn't me," Gronkowski said of throwing a punch, while directing his comment at Commissioner Goodell.

It remains to be seen whether any player from the scuffle will be fined.

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