Gronk pines for wife who cooks, cleans, makes big cash

It's a quiet news day in the NFL, so let's go ahead and check in on Rob Gronkowski, the Patriots tight end who is almost certainly shirtless as you read this.

Gronk took a brief respite from his months-longSummer of Gronkpre-party to drop by The Jim Rome Show, where he was asked to describe his ideal spouse. You're not gonna believe it, but his answer was ridiculous.

"She cleans, cooks, makes big cash, stays at home, (and) lets me do whatever I want," Gronk told Rome, via TMZ.

Perhaps in Gronk's dream scenario his wife is one of those spam commenters who makes $80 per hour working from home? Just a theory. Gronkowski was also asked which female celebrity in a red bathing suit he would like to be rescued by if given the opportunity.

"Margot Robbie," he replied. "You know who that is? That lady off *The Wolf of Wall Street*. That one."

Why Robbie?

"I watched The Wolf of Wall Street and I was, like, damn."

Scorsese can retire. He'll never do better than capturing the lustful imagination of Robert Paxton Gronkowski.

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