Gronk concedes Jags won marquee matchup Sunday

Jalen Ramsey talked smack about Rob Gronkowski this offseason, then the corner's teammates went out and shut down the New England Patriots' tight end.

Primarily covered by Jacksonville Jaguars safety Tashaun Gipson, Gronk compiled a measly two receptions for 15 yards on Sunday.

"They did a good job overall," Gronkowski said of the Jags' coverage, via the Boston Herald. "I just have to watch the film, how they did it. They've got good players. I have to play better. They did a good job. They're a good team."

Ramsey drew Gronkowski a few times when the tight end lined up out wide, but it was Gipson who primarily locked down Tom Brady's favorite target.

"A lot of people wanted to see the matchup with Jalen (Ramsey)(on Gronk) so I apologize I didn't give them that matchup. ...I feel I have never met a tight end I couldn't cover," Gipson said, via NFL Network's Mike Giardi "I have been doing this since last year and it's a matchup I was excited about. (Gronk) wasn't excited about it as I was because I am just Tashaun Gipson. ...When you turn on the tape, you can see what it looked like."

What it looked like was the Jags' defense getting physical with the Patriots tight end, bumping Gronk off his spot repeatedly and not giving Brady open windows.

"It is what it is. Got to deal with it, got learn how to get off it," Gronkowski said of the physical nature of the Jags coverage. "Just another thing I have to learn to deal with."

With Gronk stymied, the entire Pats offense was discombobulated. The lack of a pass-catching threat on the outside proved troublesome on Sunday with the tight end relegated to an afterthought.

"It's difficult versus a team like that. You have to be prepared, you have to be ready," Gronk said. "You have to find the openings. That's one thing I didn't do (yesterday)."

Gronk should be in for a bounce back next week when the Patriots head to Detroit to face the 0-2 Lions, whose defense can't come close to matching the Jags' ferocity.

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