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Grimes on Odell Beckham catch: 'Mine was better'

Odell Beckham's miraculous touchdown against the Cowboyslast Sunday will be remembered as one of the best catches -- if not the best catch -- in NFL history. Still, Brent Grimes says he has the rookie beat.

The Dolphins cornerback believes his leaping one-handed interception of a Matthew Stafford pass intended for Calvin Johnson in Week 10 beats what Beckham did against poor, overmatched Brandon Carr.

"It was a cool catch. I may be biased, I think mine was better," Grimes said with a laugh, according to "I jumped and everything. I was on defense. They weren't throwing me the ball. That was a great catch, though."

Grimes has a case thanks to the sheer athleticism on display. He looks about five feet off the ground when he high-points Stafford's throw. That he did it in the shadow of the game's best wide receiver makes it all the more impressive.

But does it beat Beckham? There's all kinds of crazy stuff going on in that play, including the fact that Beckham reached behind his head and was just about fully horizontal as he snagged the Eli Manning pass -- all after being interfered with. Plus, you know, the three fingers thing.

We're giving the strap to Beckham. Where do you stand?

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