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Gridiron Breakdown: LeBron James vs. Johnny Manziel

It happened. The prodigal son has returned to Cleveland, Ohio in the hopes of bringing a championship to it's fine denizens. Yes, all of that flowery language is in reference to LeBron James' decision to try and win back the Clevelanders he spurned four years ago. But of course, this time he'll have company, as Johnny Manziel is looking to "wreck this league" (or maybe just his liver?) as the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns.

So how can we decide which superstar will be the apple of Cleveland's eye? By taking them to the grid of course!

And without further ado ...

Not surprisingly, the grid has determined that King James is indeed still king of Cleveland as he pulled out a 7-4 victoy over Johnny Football. This of course will all change if Manziel can turn the "Factory of Sadness" into the "Factory of Gladness," but only time will tell if that's even possible. Until next time.

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