Greg Schiano: Have I lost the Bucs' locker room? No

Greg Schiano is under siege.

His team is 0-7, and his players aren't buying in. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are sinking to the bottom of the Atlantic, and it's Schiano who's viewed as the hard-headed captain who guided them into the iceberg.

Every news conference has the same theme. Schiano talks about what the Bucs need to do going forward, the media asks him about his status as the least popular man in Tampa. It can't be pleasant for the second-year coach.

"Have I lost the locker room? No. Are they listening? Yes," Schiano said, responding to speculation of his demise. "Are we getting everything we need out of them? Well, obviously not because we're 0-7. So there's different levels to that question.

"But, ultimately, we have got good guys in that locker room," Schiano added. "We got 61 guys in that locker room that I believe in, and I really strongly feel they believe in me."

Schiano was asked if the discussion about his job and future is a legitimate distraction to his team.

"I hope not," he replied. "Look, football players at this level are very intelligent. They understand the business."

It's simply not a tenable situation in Tampa right now. There was nobody in that stadium during Thursday's loss to the Panthers, and the ones who did turn out made it clear they didn't like the product on the field.

It's become a matter of when, not if, with Schiano. You have to wonder if it would be better for all parties to cut the cord and move on right now.

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