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Greg Olsen trade was a mistake, former Bears GM says

With the Chicago Bears traveling to Carolina this weekend, Panthers tight end Greg Olsen will be looking for his first win against his former team.

Although the Bears now have a Pro Bowl-caliber tight end of their own in Martellus Bennett, former general manager Jerry Angelo lamented this week that "it was a mistake" to trade Olsen.

"I understood he wasn't the ideal fit in (Mike Martz's) scheme, but we let our best receiver go," Angelo explained on WGWG Chicago. "Obviously it was Cutler's favorite receiver at the time. ... That's on me. I understood what the coaches were saying, but you don't let one of your better players out the door."

Angelo acknowledges that Olsen is an "excellent player" in the passing game and has gone on to become Cam Newton's favorite target.

The Bears fared even better, flipping the Panthers' third-round pick to Miami in exchange for Brandon Marshall, already the greatest wide receiver in franchise history.

As much as Angelo regrets the trade, it's one that has worked out well for both teams.

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