Greg Jennings announces his NFL retirement

After 10 NFL seasons and a number of history-making catches, Greg Jennings has decided to retire.

Jennings announced his retirement in a YouTube video, which is quickly replacing the "one-day contract" as the preferred mode of hanging up the cleats these days.

"Football is over. I'm done. No more big hits. No more 'Touchdown! Greg Jennings,' at least within the lines of the football field. I'm done and I'm excited to be done. The last 20 years of my life has been football. Today, that all changes," Jennings said.

Jennings leaves behind a legacy of big plays, mostly during his seven years with the Packers. One of general manager Ted Thompson's first big draft hits, Jennings was a relative unknown taken in the second round out of Western Michigan in 2006. He made an immediate impact, starting as a rookie and catching Brett Favre's 400th career touchdown. Jennings' penchant for big moments continued in his second season, when he grabbed Favre's record-tying and record-breaking scores when Favre passed Dan Marino's all-time passing touchdowns record.

Jennings was a crafty receiver with the speed to go deep and the ball skills to make difficult catches in tight quarters. He was a terrific match for Favre and Aaron Rodgers, who both trusted Jennings' ability to make acrobatic catches near the sideline. His time in Green Bay included three straight seasons over 1,100 yards, two Pro Bowls, and one memorable playoff run after the 2010 season. Jennings put up 295 yards in the final three games of the Packers championship, including two touchdowns in Super Bowl XLV.

The most memorable play by Jennings in that title wasn't a touchdown. Leading by only three points with under six minutes left after a Steelers comeback, Rodgers found Jennings on a third-and-10 that took every ounce of precision from Rodgers and Jennings. We called it the biggest play of the game at the time. By the time the Steelers got the ball back, it was too late.

Jennings struggled to find similar form in Minnesota after leaving in free agency, a tenure that Jennings kicked off with an annoying back-and-forth with Rodgers. Jennings finished out his career last season with 208 yards on the Dolphins.

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