Green Bay Packers' Mark Murphy outlines possible rules changes

It's prime time for the NFL Competition Committee. Its members have spent weeks watching film, listening to players, coaches and referees and debating the future of the NFL.

What has come out of the group's meetings? Green Bay Packers CEO Mark Murphy revealed a few nuggets in his column for this week on the player safety rules proposals being considered when the Competition Committee meets beginning today in Naples, Fla.

Among the changes he said the committee is considering:

  • Changing the rules involving chop, roll, downfield cut and peel-back blocks, all of which can be dangerous for defensive players.
  • Giving the quarterback more protection in the pocket, especially on read-option plays.
  • Making the hands-to-the-face penalty more severe.
  • Increased penalties for taunting and fighting.
  • Overhauling the extra point. reported that the league is considering a 43-yard extra point, but Murphy focused on the proposal to eliminate the extra point in his column.
  • Expansion of the playoffs to add a wild card team in each conference. That would put 14 teams in the playoffs each year and give one team in each conference a first-week bye.
  • And the use of the NFL's Command Center to make the final call on reviewable plays.

-- Bill Bradley, contributing editor

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