Great Bay Area weather for Super Bowl 50

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Welcome to Super Bowl 50.

Here in the south end of Levi's Stadium, we're prepping for a daylight Super Bowl here in beautiful California.

Unlike the last time we needed to write a pre-game weather post -- The Broncos-Seahawks cold weather bowl back in 2013 -- there is not a ton to report here. It's a breezy 72 degrees with very few clouds in the sky. Wind is around 11 miles per hour and the sun isn't expected to set until 5:38 p.m. PST, meaning the first two hours will be played under the bright and shining sun. The temperature is supposed to dip down to a low of 49 degrees at night.

We're still in the early portion of warmups, but the wind doesn't seem to be much of a factor at all, despite a few random gusts.

Peyton Manning was out on the field early doing some light tossing, especially on the 5 to 10-yard outs near the Broncos sideline.

Something interesting to note: The sun will be right in Denver's eyes for the first two hours of the game or so. The temperature on Carolina's sideline will be significantly lower, and Gary Kubiak and Co. will probably need some shades for a little while.

Other than that, Mother Nature cannot be the cause of any excuses barring some wildly unforeseen circumstances. In that case, Around The NFL will have more as information becomes available.

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