Graham abandons 'Superdome Leap' after incident

The NFL told Jimmy Graham he's no longer allowed to dunk over the goalpost after scoring a touchdown. His quest to find a replacement celebration remains a work in progress after some illegal touching by Saints fans.

Following a scoring grab against the 49ers on Sunday, Graham experimented with the "Superdome Leap." When he got to the front row, a fan dressed as Heath Ledger-era Joker slapped his butt repeatedly. It was weird.

"That'll probably be my last one after getting groped up," Graham said Friday, according to

"I just wanted to go and thank all the fans for being there," he went on. "But people were trying to thank me a little too much."

The New Orleans Advocate actually spoke with Groper Joker -- real name Scott McGowan -- who explained why he went for Graham's posterior in such an aggressive manner.

"I went for what I could grab," he said. "Everything else was taken, so I took what I could get."

We suppose Graham should be grateful he wasn't facing the other direction.

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