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Grab your No. 2 pencils -- it's final exam time!

Every June, just after teams close up the Organized Team Activities (OTAs), coaches go on vacation and teams shut down operations for a few days of golf and fishing.

Study aids

   If you feel the need to do a little cramming before taking this final exam, here are a few links that will help refresh your memory about the 2008 season. 

This is the perfect time for our readers to take their final exams.

Do you really remember what happened in 2008?

I have received lot of requests from football fans for something to challenge their football knowledge. Hopefully, this set of questions will serve as a fun way to recall what really happened last season and give a few clues as to what may happen this year.

Answer all 30 questions before checking the answer key and grading scale (be honest, don't cheat!) at the bottom of the page.

Have some fun, and you get 30 minutes to take the test. Get ready, grab your pencils and begin!

2008 final exam

Team category (multiple choice)

  1. Which team had the best home record last year?

A. Pittsburgh

B. Tennessee

C. Carolina

D. N.Y. Giants

  1. Which defense gave up the fewest rushing yards per game last year?

A. Baltimore

B. Pittsburgh

C. Philadelphia

D. Minnesota

  1. Which defense had the most sacks last year?

A. Tennessee

B. Dallas

C. Philadelphia

D. Pittsburgh

  1. Which defense gave up the most rushing yards last year besides Detroit?

A. Oakland

B. Cleveland

C. Kansas City

D. St. Louis

  1. Which team gave up the fewest points per game last year?

A. Baltimore

B. Pittsburgh

C. Tennessee

D. Philadelphia

  1. Which team scored the most touchdowns last season?

A. Arizona

B. San Diego

C. New Orleans

D. Indianapolis

  1. Which team gave up the most sacks in the NFL last year?

A. Detroit

B. New England

C. Cincinnati

D. San Francisco

  1. Which team in this group threw for the most yards per game in 2008?

A. Atlanta

B. N.Y. Giants
C. San Francisco

D. St. Louis

  1. Which team in this group rushed for the most yards per game last year?

A. Minnesota

B. Baltimore

C. Washington

D. Tennessee

  1. Which team in this group scored the most points per game last year?

A. Denver

B. Indianapolis

C. Dallas

D. Carolina

Division category (true/false)

  1. The NFC North had the worst win-loss record in the NFL last year.
  1. The NFC East had the best win-loss record in the NFL last year.
  1. Every team that made the playoffs last year had a winning division record.
  1. Every team that made the playoffs last year had a winning home record.
  1. The NFC East led all divisions with 172 sacks on defense.
  1. There was a division last year that had four teams without a losing record.
  1. The best division on the road last year was the AFC South.
  1. Only one team in the NFC had a winning road record last year, the New York Giants.
  1. The Steelers were tied with the Colts, Giants and Panthers for the best overall regular-season record last year.
  1. The Cardinals gave up more points than they scored in the regular season.

Player category (fill in the blank)

  1. Drew Brees and ____ led the NFL in touchdown passes last year with 34.
  1. ____ threw the most interceptions last year.
  1. _____rushed for the most touchdowns last year.
  1. A total of __ running backs rushed for more than 1,000 yards last year.
  1. Three wide receivers had more than 100 receptions last year, Andre Johnson, Brandon Marshall and ____.
  1. Two receives tied for the NFL touchdown receptions with 12, Larry Fitzgerald and _____.
  1. Tony Gonzalez led all tight ends with 10 touchdown receptions and _____ was second with eight.
  1. _______led the NFL with interception returns for touchdowns last year.
  1. Two players tied for punt returns for a touchdown with three, Johnnie Lee Higgins and ____.
  1. The best tandem of players on a team with sacks was ___and___.

Answer key

Section 1 -- Team category: 1-C, 2-D, 3-B, 4-A, 5-B, 6-C, 7-D, 8-C, 9-B, 10-D.

Section 2 -- Division category: 11-False (NFC West), 12-False (NFC South), 13-False (Philadelphia), 14-True, 15-True, 16-True, 17-False (AFC East), 18-True, 19-False (Tennessee, 13), 20-False (427-426).

Section 3 -- Player category: 21-Philip Rivers, 22-Brett Favre, 23-DeAngelo Williams, 24-16, 25-Wes Welker, 26-Calvin Johnson, 27-Antonio Gates, 28-Nick Collins, 29-Reggie Bush, 30-DeMarcus Ware and Greg Ellis of the Cowboys with 28.

Grading scale ...

  1. 30 questions answered correctly = NFL MVP
    1. 27-29 questions answered correctly = All-Pro
    2. 24-26 questions answered correctly = Pro Bowl
    3. 22-23 questions answered correctly = Pro Bowl alternate
    4. 20-21 questions answered correctly = Contract extension
    5. 18-19 questions answered correctly = Make the roster in 2009
    6. 16-17 questions answered correctly = On the bubble, take a pay cut
    7. 15 or fewer questions answered correctly = Cut

Email me at and we can discuss your test results, or chat with me on I received close to 1,000 emails after last year's pop quiz, and only nine were NFL MVP winners. More than half the test takers were cut.

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